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The Gaivota [Seagull] project

The Gaivota [Seagull] project

“I’m flying! Zorba! I can fly!” She squawked ecstatically from the vastness of the grey skies.
The human stroked the cat’s back.
“Well, cat, we did it,” he said, sighing.Yes. At the edge of the void, she understood the most important thing of all," Zorba said.
“Oh, yes? And what was that?”
The human asked.
“That only those who dare may fly.”

Luís Sepúlveda – “The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly”

Sometimes we feel like cats trying to teach seagulls how to fly.


The primary purpose of the ‘Gaivota' project is to support all those who want to know more about AS or have contact with people with AS. This project strives to enhance the performance/achievement in the exercise of their profession. Thus, facilitating the school success of our children, through the establishment of firm links of proximity, dialogue, transmission of knowledge/experiences and cooperation between all participants in the school-educative process of people with AS.

‘Gaivota' is a lectureaddressed to teachers, auxiliaries and students of schools in mainland Portugal and islands.


‘Gaivota' is a 12-year-old activity that has been streamlined by parents who share their experiences with educators, technicians and students to sensitise the school community to the inclusion of people with Asperger's Syndrome. During the year 2015, we reached the 5,000 people who, in mainland Portugal and islands, attended these lectures to know more.

‘Gaivota’ Structure


  • Lecture that addresses what Asperger's Syndrome is, the main characteristics, strategies for teachers and examples.


  • You should indicate two dates in the procurement


Duration: 1h


. Includes/Adds transportation costs


. Participation of 1 to 2 APSA Technicians/Members (Parents)


. Includes a Participation Certificate and technical support material.


  • Minimum: 20 participants




Total cost: 40 €


There will be additional transportation costs (Km and tolls) for outside Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

- The procurement of the proposal should be written and sent to, and the payment forms available are:

Bank Deposit/Cash/Bank Transfer 0036 0106 9910 0045 2154 9 (Montepio) or
0010 0000 4637 6380 0011 3 (BPI)

About us

APSA- Portuguese Association for Asperger Syndrome is a non-profit Private Social Solidarity Institution (IPSS) that was created by a group of parents in Lisbon on 7 November 2003. Our Mission: To promote the support and social integration of people with Asperger's Syndrome (AS), fostering the conditions to an independent and dignified life.


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