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Check the legislation selected by the APSA team about several topics that may be relevant for parents.


Educação Especial [Portuguese legislation referring to special needs education]

The present decree-law defines the specialised support to be provided on preschool, primary and secondary education of the public, private and cooperative sectors. This decree-law aims the creation of conditions to the adaptation of the educational process to the special educational needs of the students with significant limitations on the level of activity and participation in one or more areas of life. These limitations result from the structural and functional alterations - of a permanent nature - leading to continuous difficulties regarding communication, learning, mobility, autonomy, interpersonal relationship and social participation.

About us

APSA- Portuguese Association for Asperger Syndrome is a non-profit Private Social Solidarity Institution (IPSS) that was created by a group of parents in Lisbon on 7 November 2003. Our Mission: To promote the support and social integration of people with Asperger's Syndrome (AS), fostering the conditions to an independent and dignified life.


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